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Madoura Workshop


Madoura is the name of a famous workshop  ceramic  of  Vallauris .

It is an acronym made up of the first syllables of the words house, Douly and Ramié. Douly being the birth name of  Suzanne Ramié , its founder and owner.

The Madoura workshop was founded in  1938 . Rented until 1948, it was bought that year from an old family of potters in the city. The Ramié welcomed  Picasso  in their workshop after a meeting in  1946  at the Nerolium, the agricultural market in the town of Vallauris where an exhibition "Pottery, flowers, perfumes" was held in which the workshop participated. In his wake also came to make ceramics  Marc Chagall ,  Victor brauner  or  Henri Matisse .

The workshop was the exclusive publisher of Picasso's ceramic work.

The activity of the workshop continued until December 1997 (the production concerned only the “Madoura” pieces, that of the “Picasso” editions having ceased for some time already).

The activity "Gallery" ceased in 2007, the pottery closes its doors at the same time.

Today, the workshop has been bought by CASA (Community of Agglomeration of Sophia-Antipolis). Its management is assumed by the city of Vallauris. It is now a place of “art, history and creation”.

The Madoura workshop can be visited (in small groups of a dozen people), by appointment (registration at the Vallauris tourist office). An exhibition traces the history of the place and presents the work of Suzanne Ramié as well as that of the artists who have worked in this high place of ceramics.

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Madoura Workshop

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