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(Born in 1991)

Born in 1991, Victor Cord'homme graduated from the Beaux-Arts de Paris in 2017 with honors, studying painting with Dominique Gauthier and sculpture with Tadashi Kawamata. This double apprenticeship will enable him to combine the techniques of plane and spatial representation in an original artistic project, entirely devoted to the figuration of the city of tomorrow.


Such is the existential zone of Victor Cord'homme's universe: halfway between the spiritualist utopias of humanity's redemption through exodus to a promised land on the edge of space, and the dystopias that languish complacently in the nightmare of a moribund terrestrial life. A world divided into floating platforms, evolving in the hyperbonated and ozonated heights of our atmosphere, above an uninhabitable Earth forgotten by all. The life that unfolds there, our artist imagines, is joyful, pulsating with energy, as evidenced by his pictorial and sculptural decors, integrated into vast installations, exuberant and inventive, motley and amusing, populated by canvases progressing along multicolored ground markings and rich aerial signage, made up of fans, rockets, clouds or suspended suns, which saturate the entire exhibition space.

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